The True Story of the Pilot Who Led the Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Oro Valley Author Readies World War II-Themed Book.

Entrepreneur T Martin Bennett retired early to indulge his passion — telling the story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor...

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Another Perspective on Pearl Harbor

“Wounded Tiger,” a book about to be published, will give Americans a somewhat different view, because much of the story is told from a Japanese perspective. Written by T. Martin Bennett, “Wounded Tiger” is a historical nonfiction novel based on the life of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Japanese Crazy?

Were the Japanese Crazy?

Fuchida took the papers and with a shake flattened them out: “Japanese a Menace to American Women” and “The Yellow Peril – How Japanese Crowd Out the White Race.” A wave of shock, disgust, and even fear came over him as he scanned the papers. From behind, one of the men tapped Fuchida on the arm and held out a matchbox: “White Men & Women – Patronize Your Own Race!”

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Author Tells Story of Redemption after Pearl Harbor

Bennett says, the main character in Wounded Tiger is a man who was responsible for carrying out the devastating raid from the air at Pear Harbor, “It is the true story of the pilot who led the attack on pearl harbor whose life was changed by an American prisoner and a girl he never met.”

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“Wounded Tiger” about Commander Mitsuo Fuchida who led WWII attack on Pearl Harbor

“Wounded Tiger” is a complex and compelling, first non-fiction novel by Tucsonan T. Martin Bennett … This well-written, gripping novel is about three separate but parallel true stories that take place during WWII, which finally intersect at the end, into a powerful message of love.

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Buckmaster Show with Martin Bennett

Tucson writer Martin Bennett talks about his new book “Wounded Tiger,” the true story of the pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor (30 min.).

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‘Wounded Tiger’ Good Read on Day to Honor American Heroes Who Won Battle of Midway

“Wounded Tiger” is a page turner that will leave you breathless.

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