The True Story of the Pilot Who Led the Attack on Pearl Harbor

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The 5-star-rated, bestselling true story of the pilot who led the Pearl Harbor attack, whose life was changed by an American prisoner and by a girl he never met. This character-driven story includes over 250 historic photos and images, 587 pages.

dr dobson

On the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack, nationally recognized radio host Dr. James Dobson conducted a two-day interview with author T. Martin Bennett. Response to these programs, which aired on over 1,100 stations nationwide, was overwhelming. The day following their airing, Amazon was backordered for weeks.

Listen to Part 1 here and Part 2 here. You’re in for something special!

From the Author


The most common question I receive is how I came across this story. From an early age, I’ve always loved true stories and, some years ago, I stumbled across an out of print book from a defunct publisher about the pilot who led the Pearl Harbor Attack. This began three years of research where, the more I dug, the better the story got. I knew this was one of the greatest unknown stories that I felt compelled to write about.

T Martin Bennett

Author, screenwriter, producer, entrepreneur

Endorsements and Reviews


You described my father’s posture and behavior so well and so precisely, I could feel his presence. Some will call him a villain, others will call him a proud warrior who found redemption. I will always admire his guts, his intellect, and his sincerity.

Miyako Fuchida Overturf

Daughter of Mitsuo Fuchida

PHOTO: Miyako and her father, 1939


My goodness, what a story! As a die-hard researcher, I’m phenomenally impressed. This is a manuscript I personally love . . . and it has outstanding potential . . . I feel this book is going to sell very well.

Tammy Barley

Editor of over 50 military biographies


How could death and destruction at Pearl Harbor end on a note like this? Here is a man who was a warrior, right at the center of world activities, at Pearl Harbor, and was on the scene, and went through the whole war and survived, and went on to become a Christian. There's so much to this story. I strongly recommend that people read Wounded Tiger!

Dr. James Dobson

Bestselling author and radio host

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